TACA Metro Pty Ltd was established in 2006 as support and an R & D facility for TACA Australia (Oz) Pty Ltd Maintenance Contractors. We soon out grew our working space where we now reside in Bayswater, Melbourne.

From small beginnings to now covering Australia, New Zealand, Europe and many other area's across the globe in the fight against abrasion wear.

Our R & D facility works in conjunction with the CSIRO, Universities and most importantly the end user, no project is too big or too small.

Wear protection and the use of carbide granules impregnated into a molten weld pool is not the solution for every application, we also provide:

  • Special Heat Treating processes
  • Hot Spray Metal Powder
  • Composite Rod applications
  • Tung Cast Floppy
  • Tungsten Tiles
  • Flux & Metal Cord Wire

TACA Metro Pty Ltd can customise to any requirement, high impact, high abrasion to all facets of the wear industry.


Specialty Orders Specialty Orders Auger Wear Parts

Loader Buckets - Compare with and without TACA TACA coated 927H Loader at 500 hours TACA coated 927H Loader at 1296 hours