Wear Parts

Patented Digger Tips - Coated with TACA

This tip has been trialled in all types of soils (scoria, cement, blue stone, etc.) This tip just keeps on cutting and due to its direct aggressive contours keeps the flight straight up and down. Will continue a life span well after many other Digger Tips have worn out.

Baker Boots

Made from Bisalloy and  finished with the TACA product. This boot will outlast its counterparts many times over.

Sugar Cane Cutting Discs

Made from Bisalloy. The orginal disc will cut approximately 10,000 ton of Sugar Cane. With the TACA coating applied, the life of the disc has been extended conservatively to 80,000 ton of Sugar Cane cut in abrasive country. Disc can be resurfaced with TACA as a touch up saving thousands of dollars in wear and downtime, and replacement parts!

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