Eric Karslake, Managing Director

The TACA Group was established in January 2000 after two years of research and development to produce a hard-facing machine with a specialised welding process. This process provides a unique application of granulated tungsten into a weld pool on ground engaging machinery parts and general wear parts across a wide range of industries.

The TACA process can extend the life of these parts by up to five times and in some cases by much more.  In wear-part applications currently using nihard, TACA coated mild steel plates have lasted up to 7 times longer than the original nihard plates. The TACA process has provided enormous benefits to the agricultural, mining, quarrying, earthmoving and road construction industries reducing maintenance and replacement part costs, increasing productivity and boosting profits.

TACA Australia (Oz) Pty Ltd is based in the industrial suburb of Tullamarine in Melbourne, Victoria Australia along with other companies within the TACA group – TACA International Pty Ltd, TACA Metro Pty Ltd (our Research and Development arm),TACA Australia (Oz) Pty Ltd, TACA Australia Pty Ltd, TACA Holdings Pty Ltd and TACA (OZ) NZ Limited.

TACA has Maintenance Contractors throughout Australia and New Zealand to enable fast and efficient service to all our clients. TACA Representatives have the added benefit of understanding local wearing problems so that they can provide appropriate advice on the best TACA solution. This has proved to be of enormous benefit for the customer.

TACA’s aim is to be the world leader in the provision ofa tungsten granulated carbide impregnated coating  to all ground engaging cutting and grinding wear-plates, and other industrial applications.  We are committed to always supplying a high quality and cost effective product to our customers, through our fully trained Representatives.

TACA is continuing to develop and invites any potential TACA Representatives to find out more about TACA opportunities available

Our continued success depends on our reputation being preserved through the highest standard of business practice and service to customers.

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Welcome to TACA Australia (Oz) Pty Ltd

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