TACA Product

Wearfacing is the process of depositing, by one of various welding techniques, a layer or layers of metal of specific properties on certain areas of metal parts that are exposed to wear. Wearfacing provides protection against abrasion, corrosion, impact, heat, friction and other wear factors.

TACA has developed a new machine with a unique process that impregnates the parent metal with tungsten grit for a much longer wearing product. This produces a tungsten deposit which is stronger than a simple overlay, extending the life of wearing machinery parts, such as tillage points, blades, augers, buckets, wear strips and plates.

The TACA process can extend the lifespan of a point or part, by approximately five times its normal usage. In some cases, up to ten times the life, and even more has been achieved.

Many features and benefits stand the TACA process above existing wearfacing methods including:

  • It can be applied to rounded and rough surfaces.
  • Is able to be applied or reapplied many times over existing tungsten coatings.
  • Is impact resistant and does not easily chip off.
  • Can be placed where wearing is a problem, maintaining the point shape for better penetration.
  • A side benefit is the time saved from not having to change the points and components as often.

Whether it be in the agricultural or the earthmoving industry, one thing comes through loud and clear - nobody likes changing points or components. Apart from it being an expensive exercise, there is far too much down time in the physical side of changing the points or components.

Thanks to the TACA process, this downtime can be greatly reduced.
The TACA concept of Maintenance Contracts across Australia and New Zealand is unique within the industry. Instead of the customer having to send points and components a long distance for tungsten coating, TACA has a local Representative, servicing the local area and dealing with the local wearing problems. This can be an enormous freight saving for the customer.

The local TACA Representative can also supply most consumables in the agriculture and earthmoving points and components, and can supply them with the TACA coating. This is another freight cost saving benefit for the customer. It only takes one phone call to your local TACA Representative, to order points or components and have them TACA coated.

To contact your local TACA Representative click on Contact TACA.

The TACA tungsten coating is the effective way to extend wearlife.

It's pointless without TACA!