These are just a few of our clients that have endorsed the TACA Product

Bill Boersma - Aussie-Drain

Aussie Drain specializes in the installation of subsurface land drainage, for sports field, agriculture and horticulture industries throughout Australia. Before TACA we had to hard-face our cutters once a day, now with the TACA process we have extended the life of our cutters by as much as 15 times.  We often throw away the chain and simply put the cutters on a new chain.We have been using TACA for several years and cannot recommend TACA enough as an effective solution to save on downtime and wear part costs, along with the helpful service and practical advice always available. 


Kevin Donohue - Evans Quarries

"Without TACA the $700 wear-plate in our rock crusher would have to be replaced every week, taking the machine out of service for hours at a time with the resultant effect on production. With the TACA hard-facing process our wear-plate only needs to be replaced every 7 weeks and the plate itself can be re-surfaced with TACA up to 10 times, again with the resulting cost saving benefits. We estimate that by using TACA we have saved at least $100,000 in maintainence costs over the past 2 years."